Avro Lancaster Mk VI

Eight Lancaster Mk IIIs were converted to use the Merlin 85 and 87 engines and given the designation Mk VI. The type did not enter mass production. The Merlin 85 gave 1,635 hp, only 25 hp more than the Merlin 24 used in late production Lancaster Mk Is. It would later be used in the Lincoln bomber. Late in 1944 five of the Mk VIs served with the Pathfinder squadrons. In this role they had their nose and upper turrets removed.

The Avro Lancaster, Manchester and Lincoln, Richard A. Franks. Although this is described as a modellers guide to the Lancaster, Manchester and Lincoln, it is also a very good history of the aircraft, with a fantastic amount of infomation, covering the technical details of the aircraft, its squadron service and production figures. A very valuable guide to one of the best known Second World War aircraft. [see more]
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