Amiot 141

The Amiot 141 was the designation given to a modified version of the prototype Amiot 140M twin engined bomber that was never built. The Amiot 140M of 1931 was a twin engined bomber with stressed skin construction and a distinctive glazed gondola below the main fuselage. After tests in 1933 the Armée de l'Air requested a series of modifications. The open gun position in the nose was to be covered with a cupola. In the fuselage the full width bomb bay was to be moved to the port fuselage side to make space for a crew access cat walk to the starboard. The gondola windows were to be increased in size. No Amiot 141s were produced, and instead work moved onto the Amiot 142 with liquid cooled engines and the Amiot 143 with air cooled engines.

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