Amiot 142

The Amiot 142 was a prototype for a version of the Amiot 143 twin engined bomber that would have been powered by liquid cooled engines. Both aircraft were re-engined versions of the Amiot 140 of 1931, which introduced the stress-skin form of construction and the distinctive shape of the aircraft, with massive thick wings and a glazed gondola below the main fuselage. After tests in 1933 the Armée de l'Air ordered 40 aircraft (23 November 1933). Two prototypes were to be produced, one powered by liquid cooled engines and one by air cooled engines.

The Amiot 142 was powered by two 860hp Hispano-Suiza 12Ybr engines. It was to have been delivered on 23 July 1934, but was repeatedly delayed, and didn't make its maiden flight until January 1935. In the meantime the radial powered Amiot 143 prototype had already made its maiden flight (August 1934), and the Armée de l'Air decided to cancel the Amiot 142 and use all liquid cooled engines for fighter production.

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