Albatros W.5

The Albatros W.5 was an improved version of the Albatros W.3 torpedo bomber, but only five were built and the type wasn't accepted by the German navy. Work on the W.3 began in 1916, and the single prototype was delivered in July 1916. It had a similar slab-sided fuselage to the Albatros G.II and G.III bombers but with an angular tail unit (most Albatros aircraft had a rounded fin) and of course floats.

The W.3 was followed by the improved W.5. This aircraft had slightly swept wings. The fin was even more angular than on the W.3. The fuselage was modified so that the torpedo could be carried partly within it. The engines were carried in nacelles carried between the wings.

Five W.5s were delivered to the German navy, but their performance was disappointing (the service version of the normal bomber, the G.III, was powered by two 220hp engines, and was 10mph faster and had a much better rate of climb). The five W.5s were withdrawn early in 1918.

Engine: Two Benz Bz.III inline piston engines
Power: 150hp each
Span: 74ft 5.5in
Length: 42ft 11.75in
Height: 13ft 11.24in
Empty weight: 4,989lb
Maximum take-off weight: 8,080lb
Max speed: 83mph
Rate of climb: 20 minutes to 3,280ft
Endurance: 4 hours
Armament: Two flexibly mounted 7.92mm Parabellum machine guns, one torpedo

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