Albatros G.II

The Albatros G.II was a twin engined bomber that served as the prototype for the similar Albatros G.III, which was produced in small numbers.

During 1915 Albatros had designed the four-engined Albatros G.I, but this design wasn't a success. The company then moved on to a twin-engined medium bomber, the G.II. This was a single bay biplane, with X members as part of the interplane struts. The wings had a deep aerofoil section designed to give good lift.

The fuselage was slab sided, with an unusual looking curved nose. Nose wheels were mounted below the nose to prevent the aircraft from tipping over. The aircraft was powered by two 150hp Benz Bz.III engines mounted in nacelles carried low between the wings and powering pusher propellers. One G.II was produced during 1916 and it was followed by the improved G.III which was produced in small numbers.

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