Albatros W.3

The Albatros W.3 was a prototype for the Albatros W.5 torpedo bomber, and was largely based on the Albatros G.II bomber. The W.3 had the same slab sided fuselage as the G.II, used the same 150hp Benz engines carried in nacelles mounted between the wings. It differed from the G.II in having an angular fin and rudder (the G.II having the standard Albatros rounded units), and of course in having the floats. Work on the W.3 began early in 1916 and it was delivered to the German navy in July 1916. Work then moved onto the W.5. Five of these aircraft were delivered but their performance was disappointing and they were withdrawn early in 1918.

Engine: Two Benz Bz.III inline piston engines
Power: 150hp each
Span: 74ft 5.5in
Length: 42ft 11.75in
Max speed: 83mph

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