Nelson's Navy, Brian Lavery

Nelson's Navy: Ships, Men and Organization, 1793-1815, Brian Lavery

A fascinating book that covers every aspect of life at sea in Nelson's navy, from ship building to the daily life of the sailors. If you have any interest in naval warfare, or in life at sea, then this book is essential for you.

Over fourteen chapters, Lavery deals with just about every issue that affected the fleet during the Napoleonic wars. Each chapter has copious illustrations, maps and contemporary drawings.

  1. Background
  2. Types of Ships
  3. Shipbuilding
  4. Officers
  5. Naval Recruitment
  6. Seamen and Landmen
  7. Marines
  8. Techniques
  9. Shipboard Life
  10. Dockyards and Bases
  11. Fleets
  12. The Seaman's Word
  13. Foreign Navies
  14. Tactics

Author: Brian Lavery
Edition: Hardback
Pages: 352
Publisher: Conway Maritime
Year: 2000