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Wars & Treaties

Wars and Treaties

Hundred Years War (1337-1453)


Agincourt, battle of, 1415
Bauge, 21 March 1421 (France)
Calais, siege of, 4 September 1346-4 August 1347
Castillon, battle of, 1453
Crecy, battle of, 1346
Formigny, battles of. 1450
Harfleur, siege of, 19 August-22 September 1415
Herrings, battle of the, (France), 1429
La Roche Derien, battle of, 27 June 1347 (Brittany)
Mauron, 14 August 1352, battle of (Brittany)
Neville's Cross, battle of, 17 October 1346
Orleans, siege of, September 1428 to May 1429
Patay, 18 June 1429
Poitiers, battle of, 19 September 1356
Quimperle, battle of, June 1342 (France)
Sluys. battle of, 24 July 1340
Verneuil, battle of, 17 August 1424


Buchan, John Stewart third earl of, 1380-1424
Dagworth, Sir Thomas (d.1352)
Douglas, Archibald, earl of Wigtown, fifth earl of Douglas, c.1391-1439
du Guesclin, Bertrand, constable of France
Edward III, King of England, 1327-1377
Edward, the Black Prince, prince of Wales (1330-1376)
Guesclin, Bertrand du, constable of France
Henry VI, King of England, 1421-1471
Mauny, Sir Walter de, (-1372)
Stewart, John, third earl of Buchan, 1380-1424
Stewart, Sir John, Lord of Darnley, c.1380-1429
Wigtown, Archibald Douglas, earl of, fifth earl of Douglas, c.1391-1439

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