Bertrand du Guesclin, constable of France (c.1323-1380)

Successful French leader during the Hundred Years War. Du Guesclin first came to fame in the Brittany campaign. After Charles V gained the French throne (1364), Du Guesclin, the Constable of France (from 1370), was involved in improving the quality of the French army. He led the French contingent at the battle of Najera (1367) where he was captured during the defeat of Henry of Trastamara, but he was soon released and returned to France. After the Hundred Years War reopened in 1369 he was responsible for the succesful French response. His strategy was to avoid fighting any open battles, while harrying English garrisons and supply lines, slowly whittling away at the English held lands, successfully recapturing most of English occupied France. His strategy frustrated the English, who were reduced to making dramatic but ineffective marches across France.
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