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Wars and Treaties

Amphissean War or Fourth Sacred War, 339-338 BC
Antalcidas, Peace of or King's Peace, Spring 386
Babylon, settlement at, 323 BC
Boeotian War or Theban-Spartan War , 379-371
Callias, Peace of, 448 BC
Chremonidean War, c.266-262 B.C., (Greece)
Corinth-Corcyra War, 435-431 BC
Corinthian War (395-386 BC)
Diadoch War, First, 322-320 BC
Diadoch War, Second, 319-316 BC
Diadoch War, Third, 315-311 BC
Diadoch War, Fourth, 307-301 BC
Diadochi Wars, 323-280 BC
First World War, 1914-1918
Fourth Sacred War or Amphissean War, 339-338 BC
Great Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC
Greco-Persian Wars, 499-448 BC
Hellenic or Lamian War, 323-321 BC
Ionian Revolt, 499-493
King's Peace or Peace of Antalcidas, Spring 386
Lamian or Hellenic War, 323-321 BC
Laodicean War (Third Syrian War), 246-241 BC
Macedonian War, First, 215-205 BC
Macedonian War, Second, 200-196 B.C.
Mithridatic War, First, 89-85 B.C.
Nicias, peace of, 421 BC
Olynthian-Spartan War, 382-379 BC
Persian-Spartan War (400-387 BC)
Philocrates, Peace of, 346 BC
Phoenice, peace of 205
Rome and Antiochus III, war between, 192-188 B.C.
Sacred War, Fourth or Amphissean War, 339-338 BC
Second World War (1939-1945)
Syrian War, Second, 260-255 BC
Theban Hegemony, war of, 371-362
Theban-Spartan War or Boeotian War, 379-371
Third Sacred War, 355-346 BC
Triparadisus, settlement at, 320 BC


Abae, battle of, c.352 BC
Abydos, battle of, 411 BC
Abydos, battle of, 322 B.C.
Abydos, siege of, 200 B.C.
Aegitium, battle of, 426 BC
Aegospotami, battle of, 405 BC
Alyzeia, battle of, June or July 375 BC
Amathus, siege of, c.498-7 BC
Amorgos, battle of, July 322 B.C.
Amphipolis, battle of, 422 B.C.
Amphipolis, siege of, 357 BC
Andros, battle of, 246 or 245 B.C.
Andros, siege of, c.480 BC
Aous, battle of the, 198 B.C.
Apollonia, battle of, 381 BC
Arginusae, battle of, 406 BC
Argolas, battle of, Spring 354 BC
Artemisium, battle of, 480 BC
Athens, siege of, to 404 BC
Athens, siege of, autumn 87-summer 86 B.C.
Byzantium, siege of, 408 BC
Byzantium, siege, 340-339 BC
Carystus, siege of, 490 BC
Cephisus River, battle of, c.352 BC
Chalcedon, siege of, 408 BC
Chaeronea, battle of, August 338 BC
Chaeronea, battle of, 86 B.C.
Chaeroneia, battle of, c. 352 BC
Chalcis, battle of, 429
Chios, battle of, 357 or 356 BC
Chios, battle of, of 201 B.C.
Cithaeron, battle of, 376 BC
Cnidus, battle of, 412/11 BC
Cnidus, battle of, 394 BC
Coronea, battle of, 394 BC
Coroneia, battle of, c.352 BC
Corcyra, battle of, 373-2 BC
Crannon, battle of, August 322 B.C.
Crete, German invasion of, Operation Mercury: 20 May-1 June 1941
Crocus Field (or Pagasae), battle of, 353 BC
Cynoscephalea, battle of, 197 B.C.
Cynossema, battle of, 411
Cyzicus, battle, 410
Delium, battle of, 424 B.C.
Delphinium, siege of, 406 BC
Embata, battle of, 356 BC
Ephesus, battle of, 498 BC
Epidamnus, siege of, 435 BC
Eretria, battle of, 490 BC
Eretria, battle of, 411 BC
Erigon Valley/ Lyncus Plain, battle of, 358 BC
Haliartus, battle of, c.395
Halus, siege of, c.346 BC
Hermeum, battle of, 354 or 353 BC
Idomene, battle of, 426
Lade, battle of, 494 BC
Lade, battle of, 201 BC
Lamia, siege of, 322 BC
Laodocium, battle of, 423/2 B.C.
Lechaeum or Corinth, battle, 390
Lechaeum, capture of, 392 BC
Leucimme, battle of, 435
Leuctra, battle of, 371 BC
Lyncus Plain/ Erigon Valley, battle of, 358 BC
Malene, battle of, 494 BC
Mantinea, battle of, 418 BC
Mantinea, battle of, 207 BC
Mantinea, siege of, 385 BC
Marathon, battle of, 12 September 490 BC
Megara, battle of, 409/408 BC
Methone, siege of, late 355 - early 354 BC
Methymne, siege of, 406 BC
Miletus, battle of, 412 BC
Miletus, siege, 494 BC
Miletus, siege of, 412 BC
Munychia, battle of, 403 BC
Mycale, battle of, 479 BC
Mytilene, siege of, 428-427 BC
Mytilene, siege of, 406 BC
Naryx, battle of, 394 BC
Naupactus, battle of, 429 BC
Naupactus, siege of, 426 BC
Naxos, siege of, 499
Naxos, battle of, September 376 BC
Nemea, battle of, 394 BC
Neon, battle of, 354 BC
Notium, battle of, 407 BC
Olpae, battle, 426
Olynthus, battle of, 382 BC
Olynthus, battle of, 381 BC
Olynthus, siege of, early 479 BC
Olynthus, siege of, 348 BC
Orchomenus, battle of, c.352 BC
Orchomenus, battle of, 86 B.C.
Orchomenos, siege of, 418 BC
Panormus, battle of, 412 BC
Paphos, siege of, c.497
Paros, siege of, 489 BC
Perinthus, siege of, 340-339 BC
Phaedriades, battle of, 355 BC
Phlius, siege of, 381-380/379 BC
Phyle, battle of, 403 BC
Piraeus, battle of, 403 BC
Piraeus, siege of, autumn 87- spring 86 B.C.
Plataea, battle of, August 479 BC
Plataea, siege, 429-427 BC
Potidaea, siege of, 480-479 BC
Potidaia, siege, 432-430/29
Potidaea, siege of, 356 BC
Pydna 22 June 168 BC
Pylos, battle of, 425 BC
Rhodes, siege of, 88 B.C.
Rimini, battle of, 13-21 Sept 44
Sacred War, Third, 355-346 BC
Salamis (Cyprus), battle of, c.497
Salamis, battle of, 23 or 24 September 480
Samos, siege, 356 BC
Sardis, battle of, 498 BC
Sardis, battle of, 395 BC
Scione, siege of, 423-421 B.C.
Social War 357-55 BC (Greece)
Solygia, battle of, 425 BC
Spartolus, battle of, 429 BC
Sphacteria, battle of, 425 BC
Stratus, battle of, 429 BC
Sybota, battle of, 433
Syracuse, battle of, 415 BC
Syracuse, siege of, 414-413 BC
Tanagra, battle of, 426 BC
Tegyra, battle of, spring 375 BC
Thebes Campaign, 378 BC
Thebes Campaign, 377 BC
Thebes, siege of, 479 BC
Thermopylae, battle of, August 480 BC
Thermopylae, battle of, 191 B.C.
Thespiae, battle of, 378 BC
Zeira, siege of, 349 BC


Agesilaus II, king of Sparta, c.444-360 BC
Alexander I of Macedon, fl.507-463 BC, r.498-463 BC
Alexander II of Macedon, r.369-368/7 BC
Alexander III of Macedon/ Alexander the Great (356BC-323BC)
Amyntas I, fl.508-498 BC
Archidamus III, king of Sparta, r.359-338 BC
Aristagoras of Miletus, d.c. 497-6 BC
Asopius, son of Phormio, d.428 BC
Chabrias, d.356
Chares, fl.367-333 BC
Cimon, c.510-451 BC
Clearchus (d.400 BC)
Cleitus, d.318, Macedonian Admiral
Conon, c.450-389 BC
Darius I the Great (r.522-486)
Darius II, (r.423-404 BC)
Demaratus, king of Sparta (fl.510-480 BC)
Demetrius I Poliorcetes (336-283 BC)
Dercylidas (fl.411-394 BC)
Epaminondas (410-362 BC)
Eumenes of Cardia (c. 362 to 316 BC)
Evagoras, (d.374)
Histiaeus, d.c.494/493 BC
Iphicrates, c.418-353 BC
Leosthenes, Athenian General (d.322)
Leotychides, king of Sparta (c.545-469 BC)
Lysander (d.395 BC)
Memnon of Rhodes (d.334 BC)
Mentor of Rhodes (385-340 BC)
Miltiades the Younger (c.554-489 BC)
Onomarchus, d.353 B
Pausanias, d.c.470-465
Peisander, d.394 BC
Pelopidas, d.364 BC
Perdiccas III of Macedon (d.360 or 359)
Pericles (c.495-429 BC)
Phalacus, fl.352-338 BC
Phayllus (d.351 BC)
Philip II of Macedon (r.359-336 BC)
Philomelus (d.354)
Phormio son of Asopius (c.470-429/428 BC)
Teleutias, d.381 BC
Themistocles (c.524-460 BC)
Thibron (d.392 BC).
Thrasybulus, d.388 BC
Xenophon (431-c.348 BC)
Xerxes I (r.486-465 BC)

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