Subject Index: Hellenistic Warfare

Wars & Treaties

Wars & Treaties

Apamea, peace of, 188 B.C.
Babylon, settlement at, 323 BC
Babylonian War (311-308 BC?)
Brothers, War of the, c.241-236 BC
Chremonidean War, c.266-262 B.C., (Greece)
Cyprus, Antigonid Conquest of , 306 BC
Diadoch War, First, 322-320 BC
Diadoch War, Second, 319-316 BC
Diadoch War, Third, 315-311 BC
Diadoch War, Fourth, 307-301 BC
Diadochi Wars, 323-280 BC
Hellenic or Lamian War, 323-321 BC
Lamian or Hellenic War, 323-321 BC
Laodicean War (Third Syrian War), 246-241 BC
Macedonian War, First, 215-205 BC
Macedonian War, Second, 200-196 B.C.
Mithridatic War, First, 89-85 B.C.
Phoenice, peace of 205
Rome and Antiochus III, war between, 192-188 B.C.
Syrian War, 1st, 276-272 BC
Syrian War, Second, 260-255 BC
Syrian War, Third, 246-241 BC
Syrian War, Fourth, 221-217 BC
Triparadisus, settlement at, 320 BC


Abydos, battle of, 322 B.C.
Abydos, siege of, 200 B.C.
Amnias River, battle of, 89 B.C.
Amorgos, battle of, July 322 B.C.
Ancyra, battle of, 240 or 239 B.C.
Andros, battle of, 246 or 245 B.C.
Aous, battle of the, 198 B.C.
Apollonia, battle near, 220 BC
Athens, siege of, autumn 87-summer 86 B.C.
Chaeronea, battle of, 86 B.C.
Chios, battle of, of 201 B.C.
Corycus, battle of, 191 B.C.
Cos, battle of, 258 BC
Crannon, battle of, August 322 B.C.
Cynoscephalea, battle of, 197 B.C.
Eurymedon, battle of, 190 B.C.
Gabiene, battle of, 316 BC
Lade, battle of, 201 BC
Lamia, siege of, 322 BC
Magnesia, battle of, 190 B.C.
Mantinea of 207 BC
Myonnesus, battle of, 190 B.C.
Orchomenus, battle of, 86 B.C.
Piraeus, siege of, autumn 87- spring 86 B.C.
Plane Tree Pass, battle of the, 218 BC
Protopachium, battle of, 89 B.C.
Raphia, battle of, 22 June 217 BC
Rhodes, siege of, 88 B.C.
Salamis (Cyprus), siege of, 306 BC
Salamis (Cyprus), battle of, 306 BC
Thermopylae, battle of, 191 B.C.


Alexander the Great
Antigonus I Monophthalmus (one-eye) (382-301 BC)
Antipater (397-319 BC)
Aquillius, Manius, d.88 B.C.
Archelaus, Pontic General, fl. 89-83 B.C.
Cassander (358-297 BC)
Cleitus, d.318, Macedonian Admiral
Creterus (c.370-321 BC)
Demetrius I Poliorcetes (336-283 BC)
Eumenes of Cardia (c. 362 to 316 BC)
Leosthenes, Athenian General (d.322)
Lysimachus (c.360-281 BC)
Neoptolemus, Pontic General, flr. 89-85 B.C.
Perdiccas (d.321 BC)
Ptolemy I Soter (367/6-283 BC)
Ptolemy Keraunos (d.279 BC)
Seleucus I Nicator (358-280 BC)

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Asia Minor: Regions
Cyprus in 306 BC
Hellenistic World, 315-311 BC: during the Third Diadoch War
Hellenistic World, 307-301 BC: during the Fourth Diadoch War