Yokosuka R1Y Seiun (Blue Cloud)

The Yokosuka R1Y Seiun (Blue Cloud) was a design for a long-range reconnaissance aircraft that was abandoned due to poor performance figures.

The Japanese Navy decided to order a long-range land-based reconnaissance aircraft in 1942 and issued a 17-Shi specification to the Naval Arsenal at Yokosuka. The original plan was to use a new 2,500hp Mitsubishi twenty-four cylinder liquid-cooled engine, but this aircraft wasn't ready in 1942 and so the R1Y was redesigned as a twin-engined aircraft, powered by two Mitsubishi MK10A radial engines. This version of the aircraft resembled the Yokosuka P1Y Ginga (Milky Way) 'Frances' twin-engined bomber, a slender high-winged aircraft with tapered wings.

The new aircraft was given the short designation R1Y Seiun (Blue Cloud), and two may have been built by Kamanishi. However its performance fell short of what was required and the project was cancelled. Work then moved onto the Yokosuka R2Y Keiun (Beautiful Cloud), a twin-engined aircraft with both engines mounted within the fuselage and driving a single propeller.

Engine: Two Mitsubishi MK10A radial engines

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