Memories of a Spitfire Delivery Flight, Michael Goold

Many thanks to Michael Goold for providing us with this account of the delivery of a Spitfire from the UK to Egypt. Michael served with 216 group No 4 ADU (part of Transport Command) and flew eighteen types of aircraft during his service.

After collecting the brand new Mk XVIII we returned to St Mawgan,
Nr Newquay checking for oil leaks and fuel usage.

A day or so later we set off for Bordeux and stayed overnight, the next leg was to Istres, around seven or eight aircraft made up the flight lead by a Beaufighter with a nanigater aboard As a rule this leg was flown at low level and was fun indeed.

After Istres we climbed a set off for Caglian----,in Sardinia, from ther on to Tunis. for another night stop. Next on to Castel Benito, Lybia and on to Mersa Matruh where two AMWD guys looked after the site. Its attraction was about sixty year supply of beer- and the sailing in an airborne lifeboat and swimming in the harbour was ideal. So with a large hangover we took our leave and made for Fayid, where ther hanger doors were opened and we taxied right in.

If one was lucky we hitched a ride back to the UK in the Beaufighter or a Dakota from LG 224 Cairo West

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