Polikarpov MR-1

The Polikarpov MR-1 was a maritime floatplane based on the R-1 reconnaissance aircraft, a modified version of the de Havilland D.H.9 designed by Polikarpov.

The first MR-1 was produced by fitting wooden floats to an R-1. This aircraft was tested in the early winter of 1925, but during one test the floats collapsed and the aircraft sank. A second prototype was produced, this time with a stronger undercarriage based around ten steel-tube struts, dural fairing and with a plywood covering. This version was tested in the autumn of 1926, and was used on the production aircraft.

The MR-1 was of the same basic design as the R-1, with a largely pine framework and plywood covering, and was powered by the M-5 engine, a Soviet built version of the American Liberty engine. Two were delivered in 1927, 95 in 1928-29 and a total of 124 were probably built. 

The MR-1 entered service in 1927, on the Black Sea. It was also used by units based at Leningrad and by river patrols units on the Dnepr and Amur rivers. These last aircraft saw active service, taking part in a border clash against the Chinese in 1929. The MR-1 remained in use with operational units until the end of 1932 and with training units for another year.

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