Polikarpov MPI-1

The Polikarpov MPI-1 was a heavy fighter based on the TsKB-44, a design for a multi-purpose ground attack aircraft. The TsKB-44 was a twin-engined low-wing all-metal monoplane, powered by two 960hp engines. In order to satisfy the original design brief Polikarpov produced two versions of the aircraft - the cannon armed VIT-1 and the SVB-1 dive-bomber, but he also produced a third prototype, the MPI-1 multi-seat artillery fighter (mnogomestnyi pushechnyi istrebetil).

This version of the aircraft was armed with two 37mm and three 20mm cannon (up from two 37mm and one 20mm cannon on the VIT-1). The prototype was built and tested in 1937, but while the VIT-1 developed into the VIT-2 and the SVB-1 was followed by the SPB(D), there were no further developments of the MPI-1 (although the Polikarpov Bureau was also working on the TIS long range heavy fighter at about the same period).

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