Mraz K.65 Cap

The Mraz K.65 Cap was the designation given to Fieseler Fi 156 Storch aircraft produced in Czechoslovakia after the end of the Second World War. Production began in Czechoslovakia in 1943, when a single aircraft was produced by Leichtbau Budweis. The same company produced 72 aircraft in 1944, before production moved to Mraz at Chozen, where another 64 aircraft were produced before the end of the war.

After the war Czechoslovakia began to rebuild her air force, partly with a mix of British and Soviet aircraft, but also by continuing production of a number of German aircraft. Mraz contributed by building at least another 138 Fi 156s, with the designation Mraz K.65 Cap. The Cap was eventually replaced by the Aero L-60 Brigadýr, a Czech-designed STOL aircraft that emerged during the 1950s.

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