Morane Saulnier M.S. 501

The Morane Saulnier M.S. 501 was the designation given to post-war Fieseler Storch aircraft built in France and powered by an inline Renault engine. Morane Saulnier's factory at Puteaux had been the main site of Storch production in the last years of the Second World War, and after the end of the war Morane Saulnier had continued to produce the standard Fi 156C as the M.S. 500. Eventually the supply of Argus As 10 engines dried up, and alternatives had to be found. In 1939-41 the Soviets had designed their own copy of the Storch, the OKA-38, which had been powered by an un-licensed copy of an inline Renault engine. The M.S. 501 was similar to this aircraft, but used a real Renault 6Q inverted inline engine. Morane Saulnier also produced the aircraft with a radial engine, as the Ms. 502 'Criquet'

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