Mitsubishi Ki-71 'Edna'

The Mitsubishi Ki-71 'Edna' was an armed reconnaissance aircraft developed from the successful Ki-51 'Sonia' ground attack aircraft that reached no further than the prototype stage.

The Ki-71 was developed in 1941 by engineers from the Manchurian Aeroplane Manufacturing Company working at Tachikawa. It was given a Mitsubishi Ha-112-II radial engine, half-as powerful again as the engine used in the Ki-51. The fixed undercarriage of the Ki-51 was replaced with a fully retractable model, and the earlier aircraft's machine guns were replaced with two wing-mounted 20mm Ho-5 cannon.

Three prototypes were completed at the Army Arsenal, but flight tests shows that the aircraft had a top speed of only 292mph - 30mph faster than the Ki-51 but not a big enough increase to justify putting the type into production.

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