Lockheed Hudson Mk.VI

The Lockheed Hudson Mk.VI was the lend-lease version of the Hudson Mk.V. It was powered by the same 1,200hp Twin Wasp S3C4-G engine, but produced under licence by Chevrolet under its military designation of R-1830-67, and carried the same seven guns (two in the nose, two in the dorsal turret, two in beam positions and one in a retractable ventral position). A total of 450 Mk.VIs were produced with the USAAF designation A-28A-LO. Of these 410 went to the RAF (of which one was given to Portugal and three returned to the USAAF), 36 went to the RCAF and four to the RNZAF. The Mk.VI had the same “utility” interior as the A-29A-LO (late production Mk.IIIAs), and could easily swap between carrying bombs and carrying troops. A number of Coastal Command Hudson Mk.VIs were armed with under-wing rockets to attack enemy shipping, while a small number were disarmed to serve as the Hudson C Mk.VI transport.

Engine: Chevrolet built Twin Wasp R-1830-67
Horsepower: 1,200hp at take-off
Wing span: 65ft 6in
Length: 44ft 4in
Empty Weight: 13,195lb
Gross Weight: 18,500lb
Max Speed: 261mph
Cruising Speed: 224mph
Climb rate 2,160ft per minute
Ceiling: 27,000
Range: 2,160 miles
Armament: Seven .303in machine guns, under-wing rocket racks.

Lockheed Hudson Aircraft in WWII, Andrew Hendrie, Crowood Press. A look at the development of the Hudson, and its career with the RAF, USAAF, RNZAF and RAAF. Covers the anti-submarine and anti-shipping uses of the Hudson, as well at its role in Air-Sea Rescue and special operations. The text is supported by a good collection of first hand accounts.
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