Kawanishi E5K

The Kawanishi E5K was a reconnaissance float plane that was produced in small numbers before being replaced in service by the Kawanishi E7K.

The aircraft was developed as the Kawanishi Type G, and was a large three-seat twin float plane, designed as a medium range reconnaissance aircraft. The prototype made its maiden flight in October 1931, but development problems meant that it didn't enter service until April 1932.

Only twenty were build, as the Navy Type 90 Model 3 Reconnaissance Floatplane. It's most impressive feature was its twelve hour endurance, but it was only seen as an interim design, and work on the Kawanishi E7K began in March 1932, the month before the E5K entered service. 

Engine: Bristol Jupiter radial engine
Power: 450hp
Crew: 3
Wing span: 47ft 6 3/4in
Loaded Weight: 6,614lb
Max Speed: 110mph
Endurance: 12 hours
Armament: Three 0.3in machine guns
Bomb-load: 331lb

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