Junkers Ju 160

The Junkers Ju 160 was a single engined transport aircraft developed from the Ju 60 and that saw service with the Luftwaffe during the Second World War.

Like the Ju 60 the Ju 160 was a cantilevered low-winged monoplane with an oval cross-section, powered by a radial engine and carrying a crew of six. It differed from the Ju 160 in a number of ways. Significant parts of the Ju 60 had used Junker's standard corrugated surface, while the Ju 160 was built with a smooth surface. The number of cabin windows was reduced from four to three on each side. The wing was given a swept leading edge and a straight trailing edge, and had the standard Junkers double wing. The forward-folding main wheels of the Ju 60 were replaced with inward retracting wheels.

The prototype, Ju 160 V1, was powered by a 660hp BMW 132E engine, with a two blade metal airscrew. It was followed by the Ju 160A, which used a tail wheel in place of the skid of the V1, and had a modified rudder. There were also plans for a Ju 160D, but it never materialised.

A total of forty eight Ju 160s were built, with at least twenty going to Lufthansa. At the start of the Second World War they were taken over by the Luftwaffe, and were used as communications aircraft and in training units.

Engine: BMW 132E
Power: 660hp
Crew: 2
Wing span: 46ft 11 ¾in (14.32m)
Length: 39ft 4 ½in (12m)
Empty weight: 5,114lb
Loaded weight: 7,606ln
Max Speed: 211mph
Cruising Speed: 196mph at 6,560ft
Service Ceiling: 17,060ft
Endurance: 3hr 12min

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