Hiro G2H Navy Type 95 Heavy Land-Based Attack Bomber

The Hiro G2H was a Japanese land based naval bomber developed as part of the Experimental 7-Shi programme, an unsuccessful attempt to develop new fighters, torpedo and dive bombers, reconnaissance seaplanes and land based bombers. Most of these aircraft were designed by the Japanese aircraft industry on a competitive basis, but the land based bomber was developed by the Naval Aircraft Establishment at the 11th Naval Arsenal at Hiro (Dai Juichi Kaigun, Hiro), by a team led by Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Jun Okamura.

The G2H used a Junkers ‘double wing’ design (as seen on the Junkers Ju 52). In this design a second much smaller airfoil was mounted on the back on the main wing. The gap between the two wings increased lift, especially when the aircraft was flying at a steep angle (either when climbing or landing), but at the expense of added drag. The aircraft was powered by a pair of 900hp Hiro Type 94 liquid cooled engines

The G2H made its first flight in March 1933, traveling from Yokosuka to Kasumigaura Airfield. Tests revealed that it had a very impressive range, of 2,300 miles with no bombs, and could carry 4,410lb of bombs. Unfortunately the aircraft was too heavy for its engines, and this combined with the cumbersome fixed landing gear meant it was too slow.

The G2H was designed as the Navy Experimental 7-Shi Attack Bomber, and accepted into Naval service as the G2H – land based bomber, second generation, Hiro or the Navy Type 95 Heavy Land-Based Attack Bomber, indicated that it was accepted in 1935. It was also known as the 95 Daiko (Drum).

Only eight G2Hs were produced, including the prototype. The production aircraft saw limited combat service in China with the Kisarazu Kokutai . By the time the G2H was accepted in 1935, work had already begun at Mitsubishi on its successor, the G3M ‘Nell’, which evolved from the Experimental 8-Shi Attack Bomber (G1M).

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