Henschel Hs 296

The Henschel Hs 296 was a guided missile that used elements from three earlier Henschel missiles. The Hs 296 had the controls of the Hs 293, so used a twinned Kehl/ Strassburg radio system (FuG 203/230) to transmit commands from a joystick to the missile. The rear fuselage and wings came from the Hs 294 air-to-sub surface missile. The wings were thus short, with a slightly tapering edge and a bigger taper on the trailing edge, while the tail was cruciform, with a larger lower fin. The warhead was similar in size to that of the Hs 295. Work on the Hs 296 began early in 1942, at about the same time as on the Hs 295, but only one prototype was ever built.

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