Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IIC

The Sea Hurricane Mk IIC was the final major version of the aircraft to be produced in Britain, and was a conversion of the standard Hurricane Mk II, with the Rolls-Royce Merlin XX engine and armed with four 20mm cannon. The more powerful aircraft restored some of the aircraft's speed, bringing its top speed back over 300mph. Hawkers made the first conversion on May 1942, and conversion kits became available from mid-1942. Once against General Aircraft was responsible for most of the conversions, producing 81 aircraft. The first deliveries were made to the Mediterranean Fleet in December 1942, at about the same time as the Seafire was beginning to replace the Sea Hurricane. The Mk IIC was also based at Malta from 1943. It was the last version of the Sea Hurricane to be used in any significant numbers, and flew protective air patrols and rocket-armed anti-submarine patrols throughout 1943 and 1944.

Engine: Rolls Royce Merlin XX
Power: 1,260hp
Crew: 1
Wing span: 40ft
Length: 32ft 2.25in
Height: 13ft 1in
Normal Loaded Weight: 7,618lb
Max Speed: 301mph at 15,000ft; 336mph at 16,600ft
Cruising Speed:
Service Ceiling: 35,600ft
Range: 452 miles with two 44 gallon drop tanks, 1,062 miles with two 90 gallon drop tanks
Armament: Four 20mm cannon
Bomb-load: two 250lb bombs (early), two 500lb bombs (later) or two 44 imperial gallon fuel tanks
Naval Equipment: Naval Radio, A-frame arrestor hook, catapult spools

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