Hawker Sea Hawk F. Mark 1

The Hawker Sea Hawk F.Mark 1 was the first production version of the Sea Hawk, and was a pure interceptor produced by both Hawkers and Armstrong Whitworth. The first thirty five aircraft were built by Hawkers at Kingston. Many of these aircraft were used for trials, while others entered service in March 1953. By this point it was clear that Hawkers would be too busy with the Hunter to produce the Sea Hawk, but an alternative source of production was soon found within the massive Hawker Siddeley Group.

Armstrong-Whitworth's factory at Coventry has spare capacity after the failure of the Apollo airliner. Production was switched to Coventry, and the first of sixty Armstrong-Whitworth built F.Mk.1s were completed by the end of 1953.

The F.Mark 1 was very similar to the two prototypes, and was a pure fighter armed with four 20mm cannon. The only major difference was the introduction of split trailing edge flaps which were used as air brakes. After the 95th Mk.1 was completed production moved to the F.Mk.2, with powered ailerons.

Engine: Rolls Royce Nene R.N.4 (Mk.101)
Power: 5,000lb thrust
Max Speed at 36,000ft: Mach 0.84
Crew: 1
Wing span: 39ft 0in
Length: 40ft 0in
Empty Weight: 8,840lb
Loaded Weight: 11,670lb
Armament: Four fixed forward firing 20mm cannon in nose
Bomb-load: None

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