Hawker Sea Hawk F. Mark 2

The Hawker Sea Hawk F.Mark 2 was the second and final version of the aircraft to be produced as a pure interceptor. Forty were built, all by Armstrong Whitworth at Coventry, and the first aircraft made its maiden flight on 24 February 1954. The F.Mark 2 was given power-assisted hydraulically operated ailerons with spring feel and automatic centring. These greatly improved the aircraft's handling at higher speeds.

The F.Mark 2 had a very short service career, entering front line service in 1954 and being replaced by the F.B.Mark 3, the first of a series of ground attack versions of the aircraft, in 1955.

Engine: Rolls Royce Nene R.N.4 (Mk.101)
Power: 5,000lb thrust
Crew: 1
Wing span: 39ft 0in
Length: 40ft 0in
Armament: Four fixed forward firing 20mm cannon in nose
Bomb-load: None

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