Hawker Sea Fury TT 20

The Hawker Sea Fury TT.20 was a target-tug produced from surplus T.20 trainers for the new Luftwaffe in the late 1950s. The conversion involved fitting a Swiss wind-operated winch on the starboard fuselage, between the two cockpits. This powered the target cable, which was carried underneath the fuselage. Cable guides, complete with a cable cutter, fed the cable to the rear of the aircraft.

The first two TT.20s were produced by Hawker to test the system. The remaining aircraft - eight from the first order, six in a second and one FB.11 acquired from the Netherlands - were converted in Germany by Deutsche Luftfahrt Beratungsdeinst, the company that had been given the contract to provide the tugs. Of the original seventeen TT.20s five were lost in accidents, while one, the single-seat version was preserved in the Luftwaffenmuseum at Uetersen.

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