Hawker Sea Fury FB 11

The Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 was the main production version of the Sea Fury, and was produced after it was decided to use the aircraft as a fighter-bomber rather than as an air superiority fighter.

The original Sea Fury Mk.X entered service in August 1947. In February 1948 it was followed into service by the Griffon powered Seafire 47, and the Fleet Air Arm decided to use this aircraft as its main air superiority fighter, while the Sea Fury would become a fighter bomber.

Trails with extra stores had already been carried out with the SR666 prototype, while Mk.X TF923 had carried out tests with smoke floats, rockets and 1,000lb bombs. It was thus quite simple for Hawker to swap to production of the FB.11, starting with the 51st aircraft on their production line, TF956. Eventually 565 FB.11s would be built for the Fleet Air Arm, delivered at a rate of about ten per month between 1948 and 1951.

The Sea Fury FB.11 was armed with the same four 20mm cannon as the Mk.X. It could carry two 500lb or 1,000lb bombs, twelve 3in rockets or four 180lb Triplex rockets under the wings, as well as two 45 or 90 gallon fuel drop tanks. Despite the increase in loaded weight performance was similar to that of the Mk.X.

The FB.11 entered service with No.802 Squadron in May 1948, and eventually served with Nos.801, 802, 803, 804, 805, 807 and 808 Squadrons. It saw service throughout the Korean War, but was withdrawn soon after the end of the war.

Engine: Bristol Centaurus XVIII
Power: 2,550hp
Crew: 1
Wing span: 38ft 4 ¾ in
Length: 37ft including tail hook, 34ft 8in without
Height: 15ft 10 ½ in
Empty Weight: 9,240lb
Loaded Weight: 12,500lb
Maximum Weight: 14,650lb
Max Speed: 460mph
Time to 30,000ft: 10.8 minutes
Service Ceiling: 35,800ft
Range: 700 miles with internal fuel, 1,040 miles with underwing drop tanks
Armament: Four 20mm Hispano Mk 5 cannon
Bomb-load: Two 500lb or 1,000lb bombs, twelve 3 inch rockets or four 180lb Triplex rockets

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