Hawker Hunter F.Mark 60

The Hawker Hunter F.Mark 60 was the designation given to four ex-RAF F.6s sold to Saudi Arabi during 1966. The aircraft were provided as part of a wider arms deal known as the 'Magic Carpet' deal, and were delivered to No.6 Squadron at Khamis Mushayt during May 1966.

During this period Saudi Arabia and Egypt were involved a civil war in the Yemen, supporting opposite sides, and this conflict periodically spilled over into Saudi Arabia. The Hunter F.60s were scrambled on a number of occasions in an attempt to intercept bombing raids being carried out by Egyptian Il-28 bombers with MiG-21 escorts, but no interceptions were records. One Hunter was lost in 1967, either in an accident or to Egyptian action, and the other three were given to Jordan in 1968.

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