Hawker Hunter T. Mark 53

The Hawker Hunter T.Mark 53 was the designation given to two two-seat trainers ordered by Denmark alongside their larger purchase of single-seat Hunter Mark 51s. The two aircraft were ordered on individual contracts, but were produced consecutively. Their maiden flights came on 17 October 1958, and they were delivered to Denmark by the end of the year. The T.Mark 53 was similar to the standard T.7, but lacked the wing leading edge extension used on the British aircraft.

The two T.53s served with ESK-724, the same unit that operated the Mark 51s, and remained in service until 1974, sixteen years after being delivered. They were purchased by Hawkers in December 1975 and given to the Duxford Aviation Museum.

Engine: Rolls Royce Avon Mk.122 (R.A.21) turbojet
Power: 7,550lb thrust
Crew: 2
Wing span: 33ft 8in
Length: 48ft 10.5in
Height: 13ft 2in
Empty Weight: 13,360lb
Maximum Weight: 17,200lb
Max Speed: 694mph at sea level; Mach 0.92 at 36,000ft;
Climb rate: 12.5 minutes to 45,000 feet
Service Ceiling: 47,000ft
Range: 1,900 miles with tanks
Armament: One 30mm Aden cannon
Bomb-load: Capable of carrying stores on four under-wing pylons

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