Hawker Hunter Mark 51

The Hawker Hunter Mark 51 was the designation given to thirty Hunter F.Mk.4s purchased by Denmark during 1954. The Danish order was placed on 3 July 1954, only four days after Sweden had placed the first export order for the Hunter. The first flight of a Danish Hunter came on 15 December 1955, and the last delivery was made on 18 August 1956. Like the Swedish Hunter F.Mk.50 the Danish aircraft were initially powered by the Avon Mk.115 engine, which suffered from surge problems when the guns were fired at high altitude. These engines were soon brought up to the Mk.120 standard, which eliminated this problem. Also like the Swedish aircraft the Danish Hunters lacked the wing leading-edge extension used on most British aircraft.

The Hunter Mark 51 served with one squadron of the Danish Air Force, ESK-724 based at Aalborg. The same squadron also operated two two-seat trainers, the T.Mark 53, which arrived in Denmark late in 1958. The Mark 51 remained in front line service until early in 1974, long after most European Hunter fighters had been retired. In 1975-76 a number were bought back by Hawkers to be upgraded and sold on.

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