Gloster Meteor NF Mk.13

The Gloster Meteor NF Mk.13 was a tropicalised version of the NF Mk.11, forty of which were converted on the production line to equip the RAF in the Middle East. 450lb of equipment was added, including a cold-air cooling system for the cockpit, a radio compass, Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) and a larger diameter opening on the engine nacelle to increase airflow to the engines. The first Mk.13 flew on 23 December 1952, and deliveries of production aircraft began in January 1953.

The NF Mk.13 served with two RAF squadrons. No. 39 squadron was the first to gain it, operating the type from March 1953 until June 1959. It was followed in April 1953 by No.219 squadron. Both of these units were then based at Kabrit, in the Suez Canal zone from where they monitored the border between Israel and Egypt.

No.219 squadron kept the type until September 1954, when it was disbanded and its aircraft returned to the United Kingdom. No.39 squadron left Egypt for Luqa (Malta) in January 1955. From August 1956 until March 1957 the entire squadron was based at Nicosia (Cyprus), from where it took part in the British intervention in the Suez crisis in the autumn of 1956. The squadron then returned to Malta during 1957, before being disbanded in June 1958.

Engine: Two Rolls-Royce Derwent 8 engines
Thrust: 3,700lb/ 16.4kN each
Span: 43ft
Length: 48.5ft
Gross Weight: 17,333lb
Armament: Four 20mm cannon in wings

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