Fiat G.52

The Fiat G.52 was the designation given to a version of the G.50 Freccia that would have been powered by the Daimler Benz DB 601 engine. The main problem with the G.50 was a lack of power. Italy's own inline engines failed to live up to expectations, and so she was forced to turn to Germany and the existing Daimler Benz engines.

A single prototype was built around the DB 601 engine, the G.50V but with a new forward fuselage to carry the inline engine. This was to have been the prototype for the G.52 production aircraft. It made its maiden flight on 25 August 1941, and reached a top speed of 360mph, but development then moved onto the G.55, which was powered a licence built version of the DB 605, and work on the G.52 came to an end.  

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