Douglas XC-114

The Douglas XC-114 was a lengthened and re-engined version of the C-54 Skymaster. It had a 100ft 7in long fuselage, up from 93ft 10in on the C-54, and was powered by four 1,620hp Allison V-1710-131 twelve-cylinder liquid cooled engines. Empty weight went up by 6,670lb, loaded weight by 9,000lb and maximum weight by 7,500lb. The prototype XC-114 was somewhat heavier than any version of the C-54. At 306mph its top speed was markedly better than any of the C-54s, but its cruising speed of 198mph was no faster, and it had had a worse combination of range and payload than either the C-54D or C-54G. A second prototype was completed, as the XC-116, with thermal de-icing equipment, but no production aircraft followed.

Engines: Allison V-1710-131
Power: 1,150hp at 14,700ft, 1,620hp at take-off
Wing span: 117ft 6in
Length: 100ft 7in
Height: 34ft
Empty weight: 45,600lb
Loaded weight: 71,000lb
Maximum weight: 80,500lb
Maximum speed: 306mph at 17,500ft
Cruising speed: 198mph at 14,700ft
Service ceiling: 26,000ft
Range: 3,500 miles with 10,000lb payload

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