Douglas C-84

The Douglas C-84 was the designation given to four in-service DC-3Bs impressed by the USAAF during 1942. The DC-3 was produced in two main civil versions - the DST, or Douglas Sleeper Transport, which used convertible bed/ seats and the DC-3, which used traditional airline seats. The DC-3B combined the two, and had convertible seats in the front part of the cabin and normal seats in the rear part.

Douglas DC-3B/ C-84 (4 of 4)
Douglas DC-3B/ C-84 (4 of 4)
Ten were built, all for TWA, and were powered by either the Wright SGR-1820-G102 or -G202A engines. They can be recognised visually by the windows. The standard DC-3 had a row of seven rectangular windows on each side. The DST added four upper 'berth' windows above the seven windows. The DC-3B/ C-84 had the normal seven windows but only the front two 'berth' windows on each side.

Four of these aircraft were impressed by the USAAF during 1942, with the designation C-84. Their military serial numbers were 42-57157, 42-57511, 42-57512and 42-57513. All four were powered by the SGR-1820-G202A engines, which had the military designation of R-1820-71 Cyclone. The aircraft were later returned to TWA.

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