Bücker Bü 182 Kornett (Cornet)

The Bücker Bü 182 Kornett was a single-seat training aircraft that like the Bü 181 Bestmann was developed from the earlier Bü 180, but that didn't enter mass production.

The Bü 180 was a low-wing two-seat monoplane civil sports plane, developed in 1937. A handful of aircraft were built, but production was ended by the outbreak of war in 1939. Bücker developed two aircraft from the Bü 180. The Bü 181 Bestmann was a two-seat basic trainer that was produced in huge numbers and became the standard basic trainer for the Luftwaffe.

The Bü 182 Kornett was a single-seat advanced trainer. It used the same construction method at the Bü 180, with a steel tube framework in the forward fuselage, a wooden moncoque in the rear and a wooden framework for the wings. The aircraft was covered with a mix of fabric and plywood. The Bü 182 could carry a single person in an enclosed cockpit and was thus designed for solo flights. The light aircraft was powered by an 80hp Bücker Bü M700 four cylinder inverted inline engine, and had good performance.

The first prototype made its maiden flight late in 1938. Although it was a good design, the German Air Ministry wasn't interested in the Bü 182 and instead asked Bücker to develop a two-seat trainer, which emerged as the Bü 181.

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