Breguet 700 C2 (Heavy Fighter)

The Breguet 700 C2 (Destroyer) was the designation given to a heavy fighter that would have been based on the Br 691 two-seat attack bomber, which had itself been developed from the Br 690 twin-engined fighter. During 1939 the seventeenth Br 691 was re-engined with two 1,070 Gnôme & Rhône 14N 48/49 radial engines, and redesignated as the Br 697. This aircraft made its maiden flight on 19 October 1939, and was successful enough to convince the French air ministry to order to Br 700 prototypes on 17 February 1940. These would have shared the more powerful engines of the Br 697 and been more heavily armed than the Br 697, but the German invasion intervened, and the prototypes were never built.

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