Boeing-Stearman PT-13

The Boeing-Stearman PT-13 was the USAAF designation for all Model 75 primary trainers powered by Lycoming engines. Stearman began work on the X-70 primary trainer in 1933. In 1934 it was submitted to the Army Corps in response to a primary trainer requirement. The Navy placed an order for the type as the Stearman NS-1 in 1935, but the Army put the prototype through long tests before finally ordering 26 as the Stearman PT-13 (Model 75) early in 1936. These initial aircraft were delivered between June and December 1936. A total of 1,267 PT-13s were built, with deliveries starting in 1936.

The PT-13 was a two seat single-bay biplane. The fuselage was built around a welded steel tube framework, the wings around a wooden framework, both fabric covered. It had a fixed undercarriage with single faired legs.

PT-13 (Model 75)

Twenty-six PT-13s were produced. They were powered by the 215hp Lycoming R-680-5 engine and were the first of thousands of Model 75 trainers produced between 1936 and 1945.

PT-13A (Model A-75)

Ninety-two PT-13As were delivered, between April 1937 and June 1938. It had improved instruments and a 220hp Lycoming R-680-7 engine.

PT-13B (Model A-75)

The PT-13B had minor equipment changes, and an R-680-11 engine. A total of 255 were built in two batches - 180 between October 1939 and November 1940 and another 75 between December 1940 and April 1941.

PT-13C (Model A-75)

The designation PT-13C was given to six PT-13As that were converted into night and instrument trainers. They got navigation and cockpit lights and an instrument hood over the rear cockpit.

PT-13D (Model E-75)

The PT-13D was produced in common with the Navy, where it was known as the N2S-5. It used the PT-13A airframe and was powered by a Lycoming R-680-17 engine. A total of 1,768 of the basic model were built, with 894 going to the USAAF, 873 to the Navy and the last one being kept by Boeing. Deliveries began in July 1943 and ended soon after V-J when all remaining orders were cancelled.

Engine: Lycoming R-680
Power: 220hp
Crew: 2
Span: 32ft 2in
Length: 24ft 1/4in
Height: 9ft 2in
Empty Weight: 1,936lb
Loaded Weight: 2,717lb
Maximum Speed: 124mph
Cruising Speed: 106mph
Climb rate: 840ft/ min
Ceiling: 11,200ft
Range: 505 miles

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