Boeing-Stearman N2S

The Boeing-Stearman N2S was the designation given to all US Navy versions of the Boeing-Stearman Model 75 Primary Trainer. Stearman had begun work on the X-70 primary trainer in 1933, and had submitted it to the Army in 1934. The Navy had actually been first to order it into production, as the Stearman NS-1. This was powered by surplus Wright J-5 engines and had the Stearman designation of Model 73.

In 1936 the Army ordered the aircraft into production as the PT-13 (Model 75), powered by a Lycoming engine. The Army also ordered a large number of Model 75s powered by Continental engines, as the PT-17.

The US Navy also placed a large number of orders for the Model 75, using both Continental and Lycoming engines. All of these aircraft were designated as the N2S, regardless of the engine type. The S for Stearman designation was retained after Boeing took over the company in 1939. A total of 3,578 N2Ss were built.

The N2S was a two seat single-bay biplane. The fuselage was built around a welded steel tube framework, the wings around a wooden framework, both fabric covered. It had a fixed undercarriage with single faired legs.


The N2S-1 was the designation for aircraft powered by a Continental R-670-14 engine. 250 were produced.


Stearman N2S-3, 11 March 1941
Stearman N2S-3, 11 March 1941

The N2S-2 was powered by a Lycoming R-680-8 engine. 125 were produced and were delivered in April-October 1941.


The N2S-3 was powered by a Continental R-670-4 engine. A total of 1,875 were produced, making it the most numerous of the Naval trainers.


The N2S-4 was powered by a 220hp Continental R-670-5 engine and had the PT-13A fuselage. The Navy ordered 577. Of these the first 99 came from Army orders for the PT-17 and the last 122 were cancelled, for a total of 455.


The N2S-5 was the first common Army and Navy version and appeared in 1942. It used a PT-13A airframe and a Lycoming R-680-17 engine. The Navy received 873 while the Army got 894, and gave them the PT-13D designation. Boeing kept the last one, for a total 1,768. Deliveries began in July 1943 and ended soon after V-J Day when all remaining orders were cancelled.

Boeing-Stearman N2S-5 (Model E-75)
Engine: Avco Lycoming R-680-17 radial piston engine
Power: 220hp
Crew: 2
Span: 32ft 2in
Length: 25ft 0.25in
Height: 9ft 2in
Empty Weight: 1,936lb
Maximum Take-off Weight: 2,717lb
Maximum Speed: 124mph
Cruising Speed: 106mph
Ceiling: 11,200ft
Range: 505 miles

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