Bloch MB.211 BN4 (Four-Seat Night Bomber)

The Bloch MB.211 BN4 was the designation given to the second prototype of the Bloch 210 night bomber to reflect a change of engine from air cooled radials to liquid cooled inline engines. The Bloch 211 was powered by two 860hp Hispano-Suiza 12Ybrs engines, but with front-mounted radiators, giving it flat fronted engine nacelles normally associated with radial engines. The Bloch 210 made its maiden flight on 16 April 1935, five months after the Bloch 210. It reached a top speed of 196mph, similar to that of the radial powered version. With no improvement in performance, and a shortage of Hispano-Suiza inline engines, no production order was placed for the Bloch 211. The prototype itself was re-engined during 1936 to become the Bloch MB.212.

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