Arado Ar 67

The Arado Ar 67 was a single-seat fighter produced in 1933 and powered by a Rolls Royce Kestral engine. It was one of the first aircraft designed for Arado by Walter Blume, after his move from the bankrupt Albatros firm, and was a smaller, lighter aircraft than the Arado Ar 65, which had been the first fighter to equip the Luftwaffe.

The Ar 67 was powered by a 640hp Rolls Royce Kestrel VI engine. It was of conventional construction, with a welded steel fuselage, wooden wings and fabric covering. The Ar 67 was armed with two 7.92mm machine guns.

The most significant development on the Ar 67 was its new tail, with the fin and rudder mounted ahead of the tailplane. This became a standard feature on single-engined Arado aircraft, and made it very easy to get out of spins.

The Arado Ar 67 had a top speed of 211mph, but the use of a foreign engine meant that it would never have been adopted as a frontline fighter in Germany. Instead work moved onto the Arado Ar 68, a rather larger, heavier machine, powered by a BMW inline engine, and with a rather lower top speed.

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