Arado SSD I

The Arado SSD I was a single-seat float biplane produced in 1929 and that was designed to be launched by catapult from ships at sea.

The SSD I was an unequal span biplane, unlike the early Arado fighters, which were sesquiplane aircraft, with a much smaller lower wing. On the SSD the upper wing was level with the top of the fuselage, with the pilot's cockpit positioned just behind the wing. The aircraft had one main float and two wingt-tip stabilizing floats.

Two prototypes were built, and the first made its maiden flight in 1929. The type didn't enter production,

Engine: BMW VI inline piston engine
Power: 650hp
Crew: 1
Wing span: 32ft 9 3/4in
Length: 33ft 1 1/2in
Height: 11ft 1 3/4in
Empty Weight: 3,587lb
Maximum take-off weight: 4,475lb
Max Speed: 174mph
Service Ceiling: 21,325ft

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