Antonov An-30 'Clank'

Just as the An-26 is a specialised cargo version of the An-26 the An-30 'Clank' is a specialised aerial mapping /survey aircraft which was first flown in 1974. This is a role that very few specialised aircraft exist for and although based on the An-24 it can be easily recognised by its modified forward fuselage which includes a glazed nose to allow the navigator a wide view. Part of the interior is converted to be a dark room and the aircraft has fewer windows to allow this. Five glazed apertures allow for survey cameras while two extra crew, specialized photographer/surveyors operate these cameras in flight. Other survey equipment can replace the cameras and the 'Clank' retains much of the cargo loading equipment of the other An-26 family allowing it to be used as a cargo plane. Due to its specialised role very few have been built only seeing service with Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian Airforces.. Maximum speed; 335mph (540km/h) Range with payload 1,634 mile(2630km).

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