Antonov An-26 'Curl'

At first thought to be a variant of the An-24T (a specialized freighter version of the AN-24 coke) the An-26 'Curl' has many new design features which set it apart from its predecessor. It is a dedicated transport with a completely redesigned rear fuselage with a full width door ramp at the rear. It was the first Russian transport to have a pressurized cargo hold and the ramp is designed to allow the aircraft to air-drop freight while in flight. Much more a military transport than the An-24 the Curl has an electric winch which moves the length of the cabin to help move cargo, and flip down seats for up to 40 paratroopers, as an Air Ambulance it can carry 24 stretchers and a medic. An improved cargo handling system was introduced with the An-26B and the An-26 series has seen service with not only the Russian armed forces but with over 19 other Airforces around the world including Iraq. Maximum speed; 273mph (440km/h) Range with payload 684 mile(1100km)

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