Antonov An-24 'Coke'

First seen in December 1959 the An-24 is a twin turboprop transport aircraft. It was designed to replace Aeroflot's piston engined transports on shorter routes and was given the NATO code name 'Coke' in 1962. The An-24 was the first of Antonov's aircraft to make use of bonding and welding on a large scale and the series II has up to 50 seats for passengers which came into service in 1967. Production ended in 1978 by which time 1,100 had been produced but the Chinese still produced a version the Y-7. Many of the An-24 produced by the Russians were exported they have served with over 15 airlines and airforces among communist countries around the world. Maximum speed; 311mph (500km/h) Range with payload 342 miles(550km).

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