Amiot 144

The Amiot 144 was designed in an attempt to improve the performance of the twin engined Amiot 143M bomber. Work began on the new aircraft in October 1933, before the prototype of the Amiot 143 had made its maiden flight, and the prototype Amiot 144 made its own maiden flight on 18 January 1936.

The new aircraft was given retractable landing gear in place of the fixed undercarriage of the Amiot 143. The wing area was reduced and the wing aspect ratio was increased (by decreasing the width (front to back) of the wings), and wing flaps were installed. The nose turret was originally included, but was later removed and faired over.

In September 1936 the French Air Ministry ordered 25 Amiot 144s, but the prototypes performance in tests was disappointing, and by the end of 1936 the order was modified to one for another 25 Amiot 143Ms. Three versions of the Amiot 144 with alternative engines were considered (the Amiot 145, Amiot 146 and Amiot 147) but none were produced.

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