Albatros C.XIV

The Albatros C.XIV was smaller than previous Albatros two-seat scouts and became the prototype for the Albatros C.XV, which was ordered into full scale production.

The C.X and C.XII were similar aircraft, with a loaded weight of 3,600lb, a 47ft wing span, 29-30ft and powered by a 260hp Mercedes D.IVa engine. In contrast the C.XIV had a loaded weight of 3,047lb, a wing span of 34ft 1.5in and used a 220hp Benz IVa engine. The C.XIV was also the first Albatros C type scout to have staggered wings. Despite the less powerful engine the aircraft had a reasonable performance, and was ordered into production as the C.XV

Engine: Benz IVa
Power: 220hp
Span: 34ft
Length: 22ft 7.75in
Empty weight: 2,090lb
Loaded weight: 3,047lb
Endurance: 3hr 30mins
Armament: One Spandau machine gun, One Parabellum machine-gun

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