Albatros C.IV

The Albatros C.IV was an experimental aircraft produced to test a new wing and a revised arrangement of the aircrew. In September 1915 the Idfleig ordered Albatros to develop a C class aircraft with the gunner/ observer in the front and the pilot in the rear, the same arrangement as in unarmed scouts or pre-war two-seat aircraft. This order was issued becayse Idfleig wasn't yet entirely convinced that the more familiar arrangement, with the observer/ gunner at the rear and the pilot at the front, would be a success.

Albatros responded with C.IV 850/15. This aircraft used the fuselage, tail and undercarriage of the C.III but with revised cockpits. The pilot sat in the rear while the observer was given a large cockpit under the upper wing.

Albatros also took the chance to experiment with the wings and the C.IV used deep-sectioned wings with a single-bay arrangement and interplane struts that were connected by diagonal supports. This was scaled down from the wing then being designed for the G.II and G.III bombers.

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