Consolidated PBY-2 Catalina Flying Boat

The Consolidated PBY-2 was the second production version of the Catalina flying boat, and was very similar to the PBY-1. Fifty PBY-2s were ordered on 25 July 1936 (before the delivery of the first PBY-1s). The new aircraft were delivered between June 1937 and January 1938

The main change on the PBY-2 was the design of the tail assembly. The PBY-1 had two piece horizontal stabilizers, with a V-section cut out in the centre to allow the rudder to move from side to side. In contrast the PBY-2 had solid horizontal stabilizers with inset elevators, while a slot was cut out of the rudder to allow it to move.

The PBY-2 was otherwise very similar to the PBY-1. All fifty PBY-2s were armed with two .50in machine guns in the waist positions. Like the PBY-1 it also carried a .30in machine gun in the nose turret and another in the rear “tunnel” position. Twelve of the fifty were given Curtiss Electric propellers, while the remaining 38 used the normal Hamilton Standard versions.

The PBY-2 entered service with VP-11 at San Diego in October 1937. After all fifty aircraft had been delivered VP-11 was joined by VP-2 at Coco Solo, VP-10 at Pearl Harbor, VP-7 and VP-17 as operators of the PBY-2. VP-10 flew its aircraft from the US mainland to Hawaii on 19 January 1938, covering 2,553 miles in 20 hours, 30 minutes. The PBY-2 remained in front line service until 21 May 1942, when the last aircraft was transferred to a training role. The type remained in use at the training units until 30 April 1945.

Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-1830-64
Power: 850hp
Length: 63ft 6in
Width: 104ft
Gross Weight: 21,780lb or 22,490lb
Maximum Speed: 176 mph at 8,000ft
Ceiling: 20,900ft or 21,100ft

US Navy PBY Catalina Units of the Pacific War, Louis B Dorny Osprey Combat Aircraft 62. This entry in the Combat Aircraft series looks at the varied uses of the Catalina in the Pacific theatre, where it served as successfully as a long range reconnaissance aircraft, a night bomber (the "Black Cat") and on air-sea rescue, or Dumbo duties. The text is well supported with first hand accounts, contemporary photographs and full colour illustrations. [see more]
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