Boeing B-29 Superfortress: Units

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was a rare example of a Second World War Allied aircraft that only fought in the war against Japan. It had originally been planned to use it against Germany, from bases in Britain, and if space ran out from Egypt. but by the time the aircraft was ready to enter service it had been realised the B-29 was better suited to the long distances to be found in the Pacific.

During the war the B-29 saw combat with the 20th Air Force. It entered service with the 58th Bombardment Wing of XX Bomber Command, operating from India and China. The 73rd Bombardment Wing was also allocated to the same command, but never joined it in India, instead beginning operations from the Mariana Islands. It was transferred to the XXI Bomber Command during 1944.

The B-29 Bomber Force on the Mariana Islands was originally designated as XXI Bomber Command. It began combat operations against Japan with the 73rd Bombardment Wing in November 1944. By the end of the war five Bombardment Wings were based on the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Guam.

XX Bomber Command, 1943-1945 (20th Air Force)
58th Bombardment Wing, 1943-1945
40th Bombardment Group, 1943-1945
444th Bombardment Group, 1943-1945
462nd Bombardment Group, 1943-1945
468th Bombardment Group, 1943-1945
472nd Bombardment Group, 1943-1945
73rd Bombardment Wing, 1943-1944
XXI Bomber Command, 1943-1945 (20th Air Force)
58th Bombardment Wing
40th Bombardment Group, from April 1945
444th Bombardment Group, from April 1945
462nd Bombardment Group, from April 1945
468th Bombardment Group, from April 1945
472nd Bombardment Group, from April 1945
73rd Bombardment Wing
497th Bombardment Group: November 1944
498th Bombardment Group: November 1944
499th Bombardment Group: November 1944
500th Bombardment Group: November 1944
313th Bombardment Wing
6th Bombardment Group: February 1945
9th Bombardment Group: February 1945
504th Bombardment Group: February 1945
505th Bombardment Group: February 1945
509th Composite Group: July 1945 (Atomic Bomb)
314th Bombardment Wing
315th Bombardment Wing
16th Bombardment Group: June 1945
331th Bombardment Group: July 1945
501th Bombardment Group: June 1945
502th Bombardment Group: July 1945
Dates given are for the Group's first mission against Japan. The 58th and 73rd Wings were initially part of the XX Bomber Command.

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